Charter a Cessna C750 Citation X

If you are looking for an aircraft with speed, then look no further thanthe Citation X, the fastest business jet available today.


Citation X is the fastest, most comfortable, and most efficient jet onthe market. It was awarded the prestigious Collier Trophy in its debutyear in honour of the advances it had made in aviation and aerospacetechnology. The Citation X truly is the fastest mid-sized business jetavailable. It regularly cruises at .90 mach, just under the speed ofsound.


- Hot and cold drink and food facility
- 8 seat configuration
- Built in restroom and dressing room
- Fully equipped bar

Taille et confort à bord

Standard seating configurations include eight executive seats (extralarge, extra comfortable seats with a full reclining capacity) and afully equipped galley. A bathroom large enough to double as a dressingroom is located at the rear of the private jet and a closet large enoughto store garment bags is within reach.

Caractéristiques techniques

Volume de la soute à bagages4500
Vitesse82 cu.ft.
Hauteur de la cabineCessna C750 Citation X
Prix à l'achat475 kts
Catégorie1.73 m
Portée$24 000 000
Largeur de la cabineSuper Midsize Jet